Saturday, July 23, 2011

Florence, SC

Florence, South Carolina

my aunt sandie and uncle jose with my 2 bee-ootiful cousins flew in from spain to come visit their nan in florence. so, of course, we had to go visit them on the trip. i love my aunt sandie so much. i only met her when i was 24 or so, when i myself went to spain and forced my presence upon her. she is my mom's half sister, but to me they look a lot a like. i love listening to my aunt sandie talk, talk about my grandpa, moving around, there are so many stories, and of course i love listening to her speak spanish! it is so pretty. my uncle jose and cousins samantha and carla are great too, the girls have always been the pied pipers with my kids, and uncle jose is an accomplished(to me!) athlete. it was a short but wonderful visit, i can't wait for my turn to visit them:)

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Sandie said...

Well, we certainly love you too Sacha and are so glad you all were able to come by and see us in Florence. Now you know that you have an open invitation to our home in Spain whenever you want!!!