Sunday, July 3, 2011

Where in the World is the Pokey Little Puppy

asheville, north carolina

well, we are in florence, South Carolina! we just had a great visit with mi tio y tia, aunt sandie and uncle jose, their 2 kids, cousin samantha and carla, and my grandpa's wife, nan sara. my aunt and uncle live in beautiful spain, so it is always a treat to get to visit with them. we have been having a whirlwind tour with my mom and dad, a total blast! we've been to memphis, nashville, asheville, raleigh, laurinburg, rowland, south of the border, now here in florence! and we ain't done yet, folks!
i do wish my Greek were here with us, i miss him so much, so do the girls. but we get to face time on the ipad so we can see him and love him and give kisses through the interwebs. thank you steve jobs. (you won't hear me say that often;)
ya'll have a good night now, ya hear?

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cssolomon said...

Are my eyes mistaken? Is that a huge iron?? and I laughed out loud seeing Poppi just sitting there like someone abandoned her! Not that abandonment is know what I'm saying :) I love your family trips!