Friday, July 22, 2011

On the Road Again

we've been keeping kinda calm this week trying to get use to the dosing insulin at meals and frequent blood tests, but i couldn't stand it any more, i had to get them out of the house and into the country. so we packed up our picnic basket full of water, salami/basil/cream cheese sandwiches, pbj, bananas, cheese sticks, pickles, and sugar free cookies, and out into the great wide open road. blue hole is a great swimming hole in the middle of nowhere, salina, oklahoma. you go east on highway 20 at the only light in salina, drive 7 miles down a twisty road to a battered sign on the right that says "Blue Hole", and to crystal clear, cold water, full of little fish and crawdads. we did good with the insulin while traveling i think. i am slowly getting over my fear of this disease, i can't let it take over everything we do. so, we did have a great time today, and managed to keep bee's blood sugar under control.

such a lovable bee

a rare smiling photo of june

my lil' rock eater

can't you just feel the coolness running over you sun soaked body?

blue hole!
$10 a car:)

after swimming we stopped by claremore to go to our favorite dairy, swan dairy, to get our grass-fed, hormone-free, non-pasteurized, okie grown whole milk. it is the best and choc full of good for you stuffs. we bought milk and cheese curds to snack on on the ride the my aunts house in verdigris for an afternoon visit.

we love watching the cows get milked! they are happy cows:)


Valerie said...

So the price went up to $10 a car? Still a bargain. But this trip could have been just a smidge better if'n the Fischer gang could've joined you!!!

sacha said...

spur of the boot week?

Carrie said...

looks like fun...miss u