Tuesday, July 26, 2011

St. Augustine, FL

after florence, we drove through georgia down the coast to jacksonville. my mom and dad then drove us to st. augustine so the girls and i could go to the beach while they browsed around. all three girls have been to each coast now, now we just have to go swimming in the pacific, not feet wading. we had a blast, it was the fourth of july but not too many people out. we set up camp, a blanket and tent, then played in the water till we were the only ones left. beila and june had the best time playing in the waves while popi and i sat on the sand bar in the shallow end and watched fishies. there were many times when i had to walk down the beach and bring the girls back to where we were, the waves take you down the beach. we had the best time together, got tuckered out, took naps, applied sunblock, found a jelly fish, got sand in everything, and had the best 4th of july!

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