Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rowland, NC

rowland, nc

that's the family "plantation" farm house up in the left hand corner before the wrap around porch was built. my great grandfather is in that photo somewhere as a child, those are the edens, my family. it is the house where great grandmother gave birth, where my mom spent many days running around working and playing. they grew cotton, tabacco, and now corn. distant relatives still own it. so, that's juni by some tabacco, and bee by an outhouse at the family church.

centenary church has an outhouse:) it also houses the edens' family graveyard. my grandmother is buried here, my great grandparents, my great-great grandparents. there is popi's namesake, alexander!

i have always loved this church. it was where i always wanted to get married there, that never happened. the interior is a beautiful dark stained wood panels everywhere, ceiling, walls. it is gorgeous. there popi is sitting in the edens' section of the church. that last picture is beila with aunt bj and uncle clarence. they hold the keys to the church, it's on the national historical registry, sweet!

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