Wednesday, March 2, 2011

27 Weeks

she's almost 7 months old. you see she is a perfect sitter upper now.
we went to one of my favorite department stores to visit my friend and on the way in i accidentally saw a dress that needed to be on my body, so i obliged. in the dressing room they had those mirrors you could move to so you could look at your angles in the mirror, popi loved sitting in the middle of them seeing multiples of herself.
she has had water, apricots, plums, tomato soup and sweet potatoes. her eyes have been holding on to this cloudy blue shade, it is odd and funny, strangers always comment on her gorgeous eyes. she still is very calm and content, except for this mommi clinginess she has been doing this past week. i have been letting her cry a little more when i put her down to sleep. she has been doing better, and this is why i am typing on my computer right now!! she waves hi, and actually says "hi", well it sounds like she does. her wave is so cute, i need to record it on my flip. she also reaches her arms out to me and when she sees my mom. i think she does the sign for milk too, it has to be it, i have been showing her since she was born and now she does it when she starts to nurse. juni fed her dinner the other night, then changed her diaper, put her pj's on and asked for a bottle to feed her. i told her she won't take one but juni insisted she would from her:) well, it feels so good to be sharing with everyone. have a good week!


Valerie said...

um, i love me some popi and all (you know this) but what is that amazing confection you are wearing and why can't we see more photos of that, too? looks like a winner!

Creative Mom said...

I second Valeries comment! Who is the designer?
ps look at your tiny waist.

sacha said...

betsey johnson!! and thank you, i've been working out.