Wednesday, March 23, 2011


i just kinda realized i have been ignoring my blog. i have been playing outside in this bee-ootiful weather or reading in my spare time. i am re-reading the clan of the cave bear series so i will be all fresh for the new book that comes out within days. they are some of my favorite books and i enjoy reading them so much. spring break was nice, i still have to post pictures of the girls' room, we played outside a lot, stayed up with the neighbors till midnight one night, and chilled. we went to our friend's house one day to say hi, and popi and her friend kate got to play....well, they got to lay on the floor with each other.

aren't they cute. kate is in floral, popi in the red skirt.

and the girls always love to read...
this is a new reading spot i guess....

digging in the garden has been fun as always. i double fenced my asparagus and look what popped up out of the ground, my first spear. i know it sounds sooo cliche, but it was the best asparagus i have ever eaten, so buttery and soft and crunchy. wow. i bought new fencing for the garden so i can fence it then plant. have to keep the chickens out. bought ferns for the front porch, things are looking springy. i am loving this. i have a ton of stuff to do, painting the house, fencing off the driveway, pulling out bushes, planting a flower bed.....and it all makes me happy!

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Mrs. O said...

And nice weather coming up to do it in! I am looking forward to not being in an office for a few weeks. Walls and shoes are for suckers!