Friday, March 18, 2011

Scooters....oh how i miss you

we closed the scooter shop. it took a lot to close it. a lot of emotion. we thought we would reopen, but i can't work full time any more. we had the best staff on hand that we had ever had when we closed. so guess what. we kept them. my sales guy bartends for us and our mechanic works for my dad now somewhere else. it was a hard decision to make. but a decision that i think is the best. i miss the customers, i miss putting people on the best scooters made in the world. i do not miss the bad customers, the people who just want to make your life hell for no reason. the drama that came with scooters was ridiculous. i am glad to be away from the heart of it all. i feel happy to focus on myself now. i will always stand by the brands we carried, i know we carried the best brands in the market. intense research allows me to know this. i never felt like a sales person doing my job, i was matching people up with a scooter. we carried bajaj, kymco, and genuine. the easiest scooter to sell ever was a buddy 125 by genuine scooters. it was easy to sell because that scooter sells itself. the price is great, the warranty great(which you never have to use.), colors vibrant, accessories abundant, the buddy 125 is perfect for most people. i myself own a bajaj chetak which you can't get anymore. i fell in love with lafawnda in 2003. i had to have her. i even had her stolen once, the idiot came into the shop looking for parts for her! i drove a kymco people 50 before her, that is an amazing scooter too. if i could give anyone advice on buying a scooter it would be this...
never buy a chinese scooter, and yes taiwan is VERY different than china. the taiwanese make the best scooters. make sure you buy from a local scooter dealer, a place that has a mechanic, a place where the people who work there ride scooters too. never buy a scooter online, ever. don't get talked into a higher displacement, a 150 is usually good for most people. take a scooter or motorcycle safety class, it will improve your driving ability 100%. don't think that you can hop on a manual or automatic scooter and just drive it, i have seen soooo many people wreck scooters the first time they sit on it, even experienced motorcycle riders. i would always step by step take a person through the throttle and driving it. scooters are very peppy and will throw you, especially a stella, she'll do a wheelie on you without asking. and don't be cocky on a scooter.

it looks like that guy is standing on my passenger seat.
i take my riding seriously. i am a mom of three, no matter how hot it is, i always wear jeans, leather shoes or boots, riding jacket, gloves and a helmet. i would love to look like audrey hepburn in roman holiday breezing around, but my body is too important. if i go down, and i have been down, i will have my skin intact and my head protected. you will go down, it is just a matter of when. both of my brothers have totaled scooters, and my parents got t-boned on their scooter by a car. luckily, we all ride safe.

lafawnda and i

i need to pull her out of hibernation and go on some rides, i can't wait to hear her rumble!

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