Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Liebster Love, Pass It On

i received a very wonderful blog award from my friend petra over at sew paint create. petra lives in oregon with her husband and two children, and makes these amazing quilts. i am very honored that she chose me for an award:) thanks petra!
part of the liebster awarding is that it is given by small bloggers(less than 300 followers), and then in turn you give it to 2-5 small blogs(less than 300 followers) that you read. you link back to your awarder and awardee and in turn makes a big chain of blogs you could follow that you might have never read. kinda fun, huh?

my first liebster goes to crystal at Let's Abra-Ka-Do THis
she blogs about her cute son christian, see he's adorable.....
she also writes about yummy Korean food, fitness, and just daily daily all in a funny, down to earth way which i love reading about, especially the Korean food! her musings make me laugh.
so crystal, congratulations, from me to you!

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