Sunday, March 27, 2011

let me hear your body talk....

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all of a sudden i want to walk around raising my shirt up to show off my abs to everyone just like
remember how i told you one of my goals was to have a body like barbarella? besides losing my baby weight i want barbarella's body. i have been working out like crazy. well, at least twice a week. but more importantly i have a trainer, my brother's woman-anissa. without her i would be walking the treadmill to nowhere by myself and not have the well defined 2-pack i have right now!!! she works me out, man. we do 30 or so minutes of cardio, stairmaster or bikes, then we do arm weights for 20 or so minutes. after all that easy work we head to the floor mats and anissa tortures me. we do crunches on the ground, crunches on the ball, reverse crunches, these side crunch things on my elbow, tossing a ball to each other while in a "V" position, this same position we move the ball from side to side, she makes me do some heinous pilates moves and this thing she calls a suitcase. geez.
i cannot believe i can see definition in my body, it makes me so excited and motivated. i enjoy working out with her. ahhhhh, baby is crying...night night....