Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leg Warmers How-To

i have always bought babylegs leg warmers for my kids and was looking for a more cost effective solution to my leg warmer addiction for the kids. so one sunday when i was admiring my friend jordan's daughter's leggings she told me how to make my own from socks. i think i was the only momma on the block that didn't know how to do this.

first you need knee socks.

at the ankle cut the foot off. there you have the leg warmer. now we have to make the bottom cuff.

take the foot and cut the middle out. this will make the cuff of the warmer.

fold them in half, right side out.

take your leg part turn it inside out and put your cuff inside of it, all raw edges together.

sew those raw edges together to make the leg warmer bottom cuff.

ta-da! enjoy.

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