Wednesday, March 9, 2011

poor little buggy and bot

we've got some sick little gals on our hands here. we went to eat dinner last night at aunt Nancy's. Beila went from perfectly fine to dramatically in pain in .5 seconds. ear infection, thank goodness we were at dr. charlie's! a call to the drug store and we had antibiotics and a happier Beila-bot. today a very quiet juniper had her temperature taken, 103. no wonder she wasn't talking much. some Tylenol and tea and we went home to rest from aunt jill's. from a doctors visit last week i know there is fluid behind her ears. i wonder if her ears got infected too. tomorrow I'll have my mom work on draining her ears. thank goodness popi is okay. I don't think I could deal with three sickies right now. send some good thoughts through the interwebs!!

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