Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Anthropologie

if i were to redo my bathroom right now, i would use these items in my all white porcelain bathroom.

le versha chair
i would need somewhere to sit and paint my toenails.

viceroy velvet curtain
my bathroom would be mainly white and yellow!! i love yellow.

tulip tree mirror
i need to look at myself in the mirror when i braid my hair.

butterflies framed art
i love the blue and yellow. the blue would also help break up the yellow in my bathroom.

paeonia wallpaper
let's do just one wall in this bright bold print. don't want to wake up too bright!

nestled ring dish
i'd like to put my rings in this.

cherry blossom chandelier
this chandelier would make my day.

sweet as honey rug
i can imagine my toesies burrowing in this pile. it would make me happy to step out of the shower onto this beaut.

all of these things would look great in my bathroom! waking up to a yellow cloud of happy face washing would be a dream:) have a good week!

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