Monday, March 7, 2011


i swear...nothing beats a poached egg from an egg that came from your own chickens. soo yummy. i sprinkled some sea salt, fresh ground pepper and a little cayenne on it. oh so good. now for my oats with blackberries(picked last summer), xylitol, cinnamon and almond milk. tastes like blackberry cobbler. for realz, yo. have some fun pictures to post from last week's last beekeepers class where we hand built our hives, that meant 20 frames. oh my poor hands. well, since today is monday i am cleaning. did some dishes, cleaned the bathroom, put the popi down for a nap, isn't she cute.....

i can't even remember how many weeks she is, i'll have to backtrack.
but back to the chores, see this ONE pile of clothes i need to fold? ughhh. people are lucky they have clean clothes around here. i want to go work outside. i cleaned out the coop and am getting ready to turn the garden. i NEED to plant my taters. i saw some asparagus peeking through the soil yesterday. i am so excited to have my own asparagus this year. it was so hard to not eat the spears last year, but this year i am allowed by the garden gods! i would also like to make it to anthro, i didn't go to breaky this morn so i was not at utica square to do my peeking about. we'll see what happens. gotta roll with the punches, ya know? enjoy the week, i'll try to make it out today! auvoir mon petite beignets!

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