Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Morning Anthropologie

nice wonderful evening, except for the freezing part outside.
well, even with my queenie's gang in sante fe right now, i went to our monday breakfast haunt without them, before i went to anthro then to their house to feed the fishies. my mom in law went with popi and i. poor little thing got her sissy's coughs and fever. my throat is even tingling a little, ah-hem. i stopped by my favorite pretty things place and had a looksie after my english muffin and marmalade.
extended shirt dress
i love cobalt blue right now. and normally i am opposed to brass anything, but those brass buttons down the front are so purdy.

ice pop shirt
lovely lovely light fabric with lovely lovely stripes.

wiltern dress
i heart the detail on this neckline. the back is beautiful too. bonus bonus! pockets!!

daily brights satchel
cobalt blue wins my heart. love it. can you say "pop!"?

giraffe stack pots
these things are adorable. i want to plant herbs in them.

greys and yellows live together in perfect harmony. again, pockets! i can't wait to put on spring dresses.

have a good week folks. mine will just get warmer and better. the girl's bedroom is painted, and i have some decorating to do before they get home wed. i can't wait!

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