Monday, January 3, 2011

No New Year's Resolutions For Me

i don't do new year's resolutions. why you ask? well, i feel that a goal should be set whenever, not just on one special day. if there is something you need to do for yourself, start now, you don't need to wait for new years. some of my goals i am working on are, for one, exercise. i have never exercised on a regular basis, but i started in november. i joined the Y, and i love it. after 3 children my goal is to look like barbarella. really. i want a rocking science fiction hero-ette body. i will do it. o yes, and maybe i will find myself a blind angel too.

my next goal i have been working on is more homemade foods, sit down dinners at home. tonight i made baked pork with scalloped potatoes and creamed spinach. it is so easy to go out to eat, but eating at home is better for us, cheaper for us, and makes me think.

i also joined this project restyle thing over at a beautiful mess. hopefully it will help me do more creative things for me and the kids. sewing more clothes, quilting more, knitting know dorky crafty stuff.
we have so much going on this year already, opening up restaurants, selling businesses, opening businesses, emptying houses, having estate sales, selling vehicles, going on vacations, having family reunions, going on a road trip, so much!!
we had an exciting year last year, i hope we have a safe and eventful 2011.

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