Friday, July 23, 2010

36 Weeks

36 weeks. almost full term. just one more week. the pregnancy source says my Greek goddess is as big as a crenshaw melon...i don't know what that is, and that she weighs 5.75 lb, try a pound lighter than that iphone app. can't blame the app, i do have a small baby. it says she should be head down, which she is, and she should have some decreased movement, she's slowed down some. nothing much is going on. my legs and feet swell due to the heat, but not as bad as they could, i drink a lot of water and love to sit in the pool as my diuretic. taking it easy is so annoying. my nesting instinct is in full effect and i'm suppose to chill. i have an ultrasound on monday and a internal check wednesday. i have my baby bag packed and ready to go. gotta pack a bag for myself. great fun!

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