Sunday, July 18, 2010

Window Panels

out of my $1.99/yd polka dot ikea cloth i made 4 window panels for the Greek goddess' room. i thought i was going to make gathered curtains, but i fell in love with the way the panel showcased the polka dots. it's a bit more modern looking than a gathered curtain too. it was not the easiest thing the measure it all out correctly and line them, but i did. i'm suppose to be taking it "easy", and sewing is the perfect way to accomplish tasks sitting down!


Valerie said...

way to go, sach. i know how hard it can be to match patterns up, but you really did a good job because they match up well in the picture. i'm glad you didn't make them gathered, too. do you have leftover fabric now that you didn't make them gathered? any plans?

sacha said...

i wanted to crib bumpers, but i wanted to do pink and red, but maybe i'll make them out of my leftover...sounds pretty sensible.

katie said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the fabric and curtains! Seriously, they're so cute, Sach! Good job!