Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

this sunny, hot morning at queenie's i had a scrumptious "sante fe" grilled cheese! roasted green chile, tomato, onion, and cheese:) so after b-fast i trotted over to my favorite fenced in construction area, took my pictures and went around back to see what else i could see. one of the workers going in had a dog, so i let wink out to sniff and i asked him a few questions. this anthropologie will have three levels. you walk in, go down a level, (if you remember harold's) then up a level to the dressing rooms. and i found out that the floors will be using the re purposed barn flooring i saw last week. i wanted to go sniffing around in there so badly, but figured just be annoying a little bit each week. i remarked on how odd i thought it was that they gutted the place, that they didn't be super green and use what was there, which was nice. he said it was the original idea, but they changed their mind. i'm sure whatever it looks like i will still be buying merchandise.

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