Friday, July 23, 2010

Urban Farm Update

we pulled up the tomato plants to stop whatever was going on. i'm torn between the spider mites and blight. all i know is i'm not planting in that spot for awhile. i have one lone plant i left because she had some fruit on her.

she still looks slightly sick, but i'm not ready to pull her out. my mom bought me three heirloom plants the other day to plant for the fall. i have decided to plant them in pots on the side of the house far away from the garden. i will watch them carefully, i so want large red juicy tomatoes to slice and sprinkle with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. num num num.
i am still getting cucumbers, and my okra is budding. my carrots are still in the ground, i can't bend over to get them out. i have to do something about that.

i have about 6 rows of corn that look to be doing well. i am so excited. i hope i can pull corn off soon and munch on it. they are small right now with pink silks, and yellow silks. i forgot which rows were my popcorn i planted, i wonder if i can eat popcorn corn like normal, or is it good only if you dry it out and use it for it's intended use?
i have posted an add on craigslist to try to get rid of my 2 bantam males. they are crowing. someone emailed me from my add asking me what kind of chickens they were, the add said "bantam rooster, 6m", uhhhh, i didn't email him back, if he doesn't know what they are he can't have them. i am getting 2 eggs a day right now from foo-fa and saffron. if chocolate is laying again after her broody period, i don't know where. susie, who lives as a recluse in the garage, lays, but i figure up in the rafters somewhere, i will never see those eggs. then there is blueberry the baby fluffy bantam. she's without her male buddies now, i feel bad for her. who knows if she'll lay. i probably get my coop within the next month, i am so excited. this mama hen will feel great knowing her "babies" are all up and no dog, possum, hawk, cat, fox, or whatever will get them.


Charlie said...

We got this house right here in los angeles, and we didn't discover until after we moved in that the neighbor has a damned rooster that crows sun up to sun down every freaking day. I might have to do something about it.

sacha said...

usually there are laws in place dealing with roosters within city limits. i would check my city ordinances. i don't like the crowing either, you shouldn't have to put up with it every morning.

miranda said...

ive found the perfect container for tomatoes is old washing machine tubs... they are big enough, deep enough and offer plenty of drainage... you should try it...

p.s. your blog is super cute.