Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet My June-Bug

born september 22, 2003, juniper mae breedlove
my bug was a very easy going and sweet baby.
she is very empathetic, giving, and sensitive.
she likes bugs, sticks, rocks, chasing the chickens, reading, and swimming.
she gets a different flavor sno-cone each time.
she eats oatmeal almost every saturday morning.
she doesn't like jeans, and lives in skorts.
she collects those zany bands bracelets and loves to swap.
she bathes the dog:)
she likes to mix her food, adding things to enhance flavor like lime, and loves to help out in the kitchen, and really anywhere i ask her to help out.
she is very literal and has an insane need to know.
she doesn't want to be married, and doesn't want kids.
but she is very motherly.
she is the best almost 7 year old in the world!


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

She is so precious and beautiful! What a doll.


sacha said...

thank you, i agree fully!