Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meet My Beila-Bot

beila was born june 23, 2006

her favorite color is pink.

she was a very happy and hungry baby. she would and will hang out with anyone.

she is very sweet when things go her way, and sharing when you share with her. very you scratch my back...

she is loud when she is happy, and super loud when she is mad.

if she gets in trouble she thinks batting her eyes, and smiling and saying she's sorry is magic.

she is girly to a T. jewelry, makeup, high heels, dresses, baby dolls...that is all bee-bee.

she is a snuggle-bug. loves to snuggle.

she likes chocolate covered almonds, and rainbow sno-cones.

she could work an iphone before she could walk.

she loves to draw and make things for people.

she looks like my maternal grandma, and my dad.

she is the most manipulative and cunning, but completely loving 4 year old ever!


Charlie said...

Wow, your dad. He looks exactly like I remember him!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

how sweet. I love seeing the little personalities at such a young ate. What a cuteie.