Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Baby List

so far.....

we painted the Greek goddess' room behr's berry cheesecake, you can barely tell it is pink. i love it.
see the red polka dot fabric on bottom? i got it for $1.99 a yard at ikea. i wanted red curtains with white polka dots, but how do you say "no" to a $1.99/yd?
the free range twins never really used their sniglar crib. we will be using it for them:)
i would like to paint it red and make red and pink bumpers for it.
we bought the hemnes drawers in red at ikea, we will put the changing pad on top.
my carebear bought this lusy rug for the babe

our "high chair", the handysitt. it sits on your regular chair and doesn't take up floor space!
my skip hop duo deluxe diaper bag! so many pockets, and it hooks onto the stroller.

we are using cloth diapers, so we are using blueberry snap diaper cover for prefolds.

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Mrs. O said...

I love it. Nice list :)