Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Route 66, Round 1, Blue Whale

we had planned on a couple of route 66 adventures so we can cover some roadside attractions. today was a fly by the pants stop. i'd planned on taking the girls to this long dead swim hole but with a day in claremore as well.
juni has chess camp this week in owasso. so bee and i had to go pick her up. we got sno cones in a drive thru sno cone shack, which is awesome, then i decided we could cut through the countryside to get to route 66 and go visit the whale.
on the way there we decided to visit my aunt that lives out in the country. what a surprise we were to her. i can't believe i found her house, i hadn't been there since i was a teenager, almost 20 years or so ago. we were sent on our way with a warning of the left turn and the white crosses that dot the highway.
we made it to the historic route 66 and made our way back towards the city. then after we crossed some iffy bridges we came upon our destination, the blue whale. it use to be a popular swim hole in the 70's and 80's along with the neighboring noah's ark petting zoo nearby. it shut down in the 80's and now you can go and walk around in it and look in the yucky water just for fun. the kids had a blast running around, screaming, and climbing about.
we continued on home to dinner with talks of our next route 66 day in the opposite direction.


Valerie said...

so funny that you did this since that is what we spontaneously threw in yesterday afternoon as well!

sacha said...

i still have to make it to blue hole...looking forward to a day of that, and rt 66 to okc. so much to do!