Friday, January 7, 2011

20 Weeks

popi is getting so big, well, big for her. this week it is like she just realized she has control over her voice volume, and she loves to hear herself. she has been LOUD for a week now. still drooling, that's why we put an amber necklace on her. it seems to lessen the drooling oddly. loves chewing on sophie. that was beila's sophie, she had a hard time letting her little sister have it, but as you can see, popi has a death grip on it. she just smiles and coos away. she is working on sitting up, we are not quite there yet, but you can tell she wants it. no solid foods yet either. maybe in a couple weeks or so. the girls love for bed time when they each get a turn with popi by themselves on their bed. they are such good big sisters.

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