Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Day in the Life

at the end of every day i wonder where the time went. it depends on what day it is of course, because we have a different thing each day to do differently.
monday, i don't have the girls, so there is queenies for breakfast and then a jaunt to anthro. the rest of my day is spent cleaning my house. juni has horseback on mondays, her granny takes her after school, i can't wait to see her ride!
tuesday, is my day to "sleep in." i chill out with my Greeks and then pick up the girls from school. bee started ballet yesterday, so now we have ballet on tuesdays.
wednesday, i get up and take june and bee to school, and i don't have to make lunch because wed is pizza day! then i might do errands or work online, clean, do dishes, grocery shop, etc. i pick the girls up from school and we go home for a short while before we go to church for dinner. after dinner the girls go to foreign mission emphasis classes and i get to go to book study, right now we are reading the screwtape letters by c.s. lewis, i love c.s. lewis.
thursday, i take the kids to school, and more of the same randomness. what do i do? i'll pick the kids up from school when juni is done with piano, then we go home. i am excited because i start beekeeping tomorrow and continue for the next 5 weeks.
friday, same school driving. after swimming classes i pick the dears up and we go home. sometimes we go eat out, i don't know. after writing this all out, i am wondering what do i do?
saturday, we go to breakfast with my mom, dad, my aunt, uncle, my brothers and their girlfriends. i have ever since i can remember. then the day plays out according to the weather and the kids. every other sat night june and bee go to their dad's. last sat night without them, we went to an open house for my friend's new tattoo parlor. the girls would have loved to go, there was cheesecake and artwork.
sunday, we always go to church. if the girls are at their dad's i pick them up to go to church. it is very important to me that we go as a family. most the time after church we go eat brunch, then we chill at home or i take the girls back to their dad's. we try to go eat with the Greek's mom on sunday evenings, or visit my parents.
then the week starts over again.


Mrs. O said...

Your week sounds lovely! I dream of giving up the fast pace and becoming a full-time writer at home. Lucky girl!

C.S. Lewis was the first author I read over and over and over. I carried "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" with its cracked spine and yellowed pages until it disintegrated.

sacha said...

it's beyond fast pace being at home, i think i had a more calmness to my life when i worked full time, odd, i know. being at home requires more day management on my part, yleck!

Mrs. O said...

I bet! Plus, you have to be really self-motivated. Justin blows me away as a stay-at-home dad.

How do you stay on top of your time? Any tricks?