Thursday, January 13, 2011

step by step

7am...popi wakes up to eat, odd timing, but we eat and go back to sleep.
7:45...thwart off a juniper who keeps asking to play on her itouch. I get up. get dressed and go outside to feed and water chickens. I chase a loose Suzie chicken before giving up going inside.
8...pick bee an outfit to wear and beg her to put it on.
8:06...put lunch together for girls, spaghetti and homemade applesauce!
8:10...make bee breakfast of yogurt, honey, flax seed, and bananas. juni already made herself cereal.
8:15..we should be leaving, I have to convince bee that there are not bugs in the flax seed.
8:37.. we get out to the car to go to school, which started at 8:30am
8:40..we leave the house
8:50....we get to school girls into class, lunches put up, now to find coffee
9:02..wait in line at mceedee's for my coffee
9:05:) I got my coffee, time to go home
9:23am... home, I took the streets, not the highway
9:27...climb in bed to feed popi-girl who is awake. I watch best little whore house in Texas and play on computer while feeding popi.
10:12... get up and put popi down for tummy time and clean a little...stuff diapers, poach turkey for dinner, fold clothes, sweep..
11:11... put popi down for a nap, I clean out pantry
11:55...popi wakes up for a snack and rock in the rocking chair
12:05...put her back in bed
12:35... went to run errands and get a Mexican coke!
12:58...back home and more dishes
1:09..popi is awake, we play a little, pass her off to poppa-bear
1:15...make poppa a grilled cheese and momma a Reuben!
1:45...done with lunch, now lunch for popi then playtime for popi and poppa
2:44...put popi in swing with Sophie while finish dinner prep of turkey tetrazzini
3:10...put clean diaper and fresh clothes on popi
3:14...I get to take a shower
3:45..leave house to pick up kids, juni had piano
3:58....get to the school
4:08pm...leave the school
4:20...get home
4:23...get dinner ready to put in oven the oven
4:31...feed and rock popi while girls play in their room
4:50...put popi down for rest and get table cleared off for dinner, fold some laundry, wash some dishes
5:40...done with dinner, and I hear popi waking up from nap
5:55pm....let the two oldest girls with my dad while my mom and go to beekeeping
6:10...paid and signed into NEOBA!
9:07.. get out of class and go home
9:15... tell the Greek all about the wonderful world of beekeeping
9:42pm... brush my teeth
9:46...get ready for bed, and getting popi ready for bed bed and feeding popi for the night
10:22pm... night night

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a. said...

love this entry; gives me a sense of your life; what so many mommies' lives are like, mine included, though i only have one kiddo. :)