Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Weekend

we had a fun weekend. friday night we went to our favorite pizza parlor, minuteman, we love it so much we drive through two towns to get there. granted the towns are on the outskirts of tulsa, but it still is a drive! we had half sausage and half cheese and of course the yummy red cream soda. saturday we went to breakfast like normal and chilled out at the house till we went to a birthday party for our friend harry. it was so much fun; there were stormtroopers, nerf gun wars, dalek and other dr who whatnots, pizza and cupcakes. ohhh, the cupcakes. vanilla cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing, vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, and lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon cream cheese icing. the lemon was the best.

after a full day of birthday party we had dinner with my brothers and their girlfriends, my parents, and my mom's brother and twin sister. my mom made spaghetti. it was nice and relaxing, the girls played playmobile for hours. while there, juni got her hair in her food, like usual. she has this strand that never stays put, it is always in her face or food. she and i decided we would make bangs. so when we got home, we got out the scissors and with a little snip here, a little snip there, my baby got a new do. she looks so much older and gorgeous, you can see her face now. she told me some boy named lucas would surely notice her now.....wha?

kalliope didn't know what to think about the beings from a galaxy far far away....

bee found a new friend in dalek.

my beautiful bug.

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Valerie said...

crack me up with your "driving through 2 towns bit" considering it's 15-20 minutes away...but thanks for the suggestion because we've never eaten there. :)

love the bangs! i'm constantly considering them myself, but then my lazy self reminds me that they would be more work for me? to bangs or not to bangs, that is the question...