Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today Was a Good Day

resting at home after a nice day. i got to hang out with a friend over coffee this morning. went up to my craft hideout to sew a little (i'll show you later). went to the gym. hung out with kristen for a little. picked the kids up from school. went to church. ate dinner with my Greek at rio verde. on my way to rio verde i stopped at a local chocolatier, glacier confection on brady. i bought 2 chocolates thinking i would give one to my hunni bunni. it ended up that they took a one way vacation down my gullet.

banana caramel and peanut butter and jelly
holy chocolate luvin', i need to go back there, now.

monday, i had a lunch date with my friend lorinda. we ate at mi tierra at 81st and sheridan. it is a peruvian restaurant, and guess what. i will be going back, soon. i ordered appetizers and they were awesome! if you go, don't be afraid to venture outside the box, i had a cold mashed potato chicken thingy that was phenomenal.

now popi and i are chilling in bed. i'm trying to get her to say ma-ma. she mimics me with her mouth but she's not there yet. it is nice to cuddle with her and make her eyes twinkle, i love us time!

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