Monday, January 31, 2011

Winterizing for Tulsa's "Blizzard"

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the impending snow fall in oklahoma drives people crazy. just as long as my electricity doesn't go out, i'll be fine. i put fresh hay in the coop as well as an extension cord so i can put a heat pad out there. i brought fire wood on the front porch, and bought disposable diapers in case i can't wash our diapers. i made tapioca pudding yesterday for the girls. i have marshmallows and hot chocolate on hand, and brownie mix ready to go. i think i will hole up and sew, cook food that is bad for me, make dinner for my family(my brother and g.f. live a block away and can walk over:), and pull out the board games. i also put a new bottle of vodka in the freezer...gotta keep my insides warm. if things get really bad i am getting in the rv and going to texas! enjoy your snow.

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tag's team said...

I'm planning in eating lots of bad things for me as well. Sure hope it's not as bad as they think!