Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Popi's First Food

i didn't want to feed her food, but i kinda sorta needed to. the american board of pediatrics gives you this window of 4-6 months to feed your child food so there will be less allergies, weight problems, etc. she is 22 weeks old, about time i did it, huh? last week i was eating something and holding her and she kept sticking her tongue out trying to lick my food, and she was eyeballing it, crazy eyes big time. so food time it was. with the girls i gave them rice cereal and breast milk, what i did for popi was i ground up oats in my food processor, added breast milk to make a runny oatmeal, then added some applesauce i made, really just pureed apples. no sugar or salt or preservatives:) she was excited.

first bite.

of course it didn't stay in.

she was enthusiastic about it.

funny face.

that is my favorite popi face, when she bites her bottom lip, so adorable! well, now we broke the ice, there is so much more to feed her. i am so excited, i already have pureed carrots, butternut squash and white beans in the freezer. i need to do the basics and freeze them that way i always have good food for her on hand. i don't feed the kids meat or sugar for the first year. no meat, because i don't like pureed meat unless i am eating pate, it looks gross. no sugar till first birthday cake, because she doesn't need excess sugar in her diet, i can sweeten things with fruit, it also is neat when they taste their cake for the first time!

ps. the borscht yesterday was sooo good.


Jaime said...

I noticed in one of your photos that it looks like you use the gdiapers and I was curious how those worked for you..I am having a little boy in June and I notices babies-r-us carries them but don't know anyone who has tried them.

Mrs. O said...

Sacha, I was glad we got to see you guys. Enjoy the chopsticks!

Jaime, her diapers look kind of like Gs but I think they are all-n-ones. If you want to know about g-s, my hub and I used G-s with our son and plan to with our daughter. I like them a lot but have to layer them with a second liner, making them fat...really fat...this round we are going to order (maybe make?) lots of cloth liners for the first layer and then use paper for the second. Too many accidents the other way.

(we still used disposables when "traveling" or sending baby to sitter)

Hope that helps?

sacha said...

i tried the g-diapers 4 years ago, i did not like them, there seemed to be too much work involved. good idea, but they did not work for me. i use weehuggers snaps and fuzzibunz snaps, they are a cloth diaper. they both have an insert you use, i love them both, and washing them is a breeze. i love not buying diapers!