Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day

the midwest got snow last night. whoo-hoo. school was out for about 2 inches of snow. i didn't even have to scrape my car windows and they let school out. the girls played indoors mostly, played outside some, had hot chocolate and pancakes for lunch, and we went to popi's grand-madame's for dinner and a movie and a martini:)

reason #5, 348 i love my Greek. he got me my very own carhart coveralls and rainbow moon boots so i could be just like him:)

my holly bushes my grandpa planted.

juni playing in her room.

bee drinking her hot chocolate.

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a. said...

i love so many of your photos; the 1 thru the gorgeous mobile is striking; i love the daily-moment-ness of the hot cocoa. thx for sharing. oh - & i enjoyed the blog re: your fave things for babes. it's true they need v. little!