Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sadness and a Lesson Learned

Clementine, who was sick a week ago, and Sourpuff died yesterday. 2/3 of my ameraucanas are dead. i moved tootsie, the living one to the big coop in hopes of companionship and warmth. please other chickens, don't kill her! i don't know if they are cold weather hardy like my others, they are originally south american chickens. it kills me to have our chickens die. it is something i have to come to terms with as a "farmer." we have lost chickens due to dogs, possums, vanishing into thin air, and now negligence on my part. i vow never to get chicks in the fall again. spring chickens are for me, raise them through the summer so they are mature for our winters. this sucks. i guess i need to start a chicken grave yard. i know i will loose more eventually. chickens are a part of my life now, i can't imagine living without them.
new creatures are coming to our "urban farm" this summer. i am taking beekeeping classes with the NEOBA. i have been wanting bees forever. i have just been scared of my hive dying. i took the leap though, i have to get over the death of my animals. More on my bee adventures...

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