Tuesday, January 18, 2011


really nothing much is going on, I don't have much to think about. I'm sitting at the library with juni and popi waiting for bee's ballet to be over. juni reads so fast. she has to be at a middle school reading level, whatever that is.
I have been cooking a lot more at home lately like I mentioned before, I'm just surprised I am actually doing it. I prepped our dinner today after a vintage thrift spree with Kristen. I love shopping vintage, I have since middle school. it has been a long love affair, anywho....I prepped our dinner and now it is simmering on the stove waiting for us to get home. I made beef borscht. I love cabbage. I made a Reuben for lunch. love love love reubens, that is a whole other love affair. well, I could ramble on but I promised popi we would find a richard scarry book to browse through. have a good evening!

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