Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Morning Anthropologie

queenie's breakfast with friends, a walk around a quiet utica square, a visit to saks, and then a nice non-bustling anthropologie to browse. ahhhh, i am so glad holidays are over and my life is back on it's non-schedule.

i wonder when the snow will melt....

across the land dress
my pictures are not the best today, finally changed my lens on my camera on my phone. this dress is cut so pretty and the polka dots are awesome.

wingspan bottle opener
i want this for when i tend bar. i'd pull a little birdie out of my pocket, beer anyone?

gull wing dress
i have been eying this dress in orange. it comes in navy, but remember, i'm on an orange thing. love it, i could wear it on my pretend yacht in the back yard.

Align Center
rosy knob
someday i will redo my kitchen and have fancy knobs like these roses.

are you happy holidays are over? i was sooo busy this year. i am finally able to breathe. have a good week!

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