Friday, January 14, 2011

What's in My Diaper Bag

i got this idea from over at the bleubird vintage blog. since i don't carry a purse around much these days, i put everything in my skip hop diaper bag, and here is what was in it today when i cleaned it out.

1. julie & julia to read when i can
2. a hanky for my nose
3. bobby pin
4. dark chocolate granola bar
5. trash
6. date book/calender
7. coffee cozy made for me by val
8. ear buds
9. car keys
10. flip video recorder
11. pens
12. wallet
13. tylenol and baby cream
14. bee's littlest pet shop toy
15. salve, cheek stain, 2 lip gloss
16. my gorillapod
17. pina colada hand lotion
18. my gloves
19. floss

1. popi's hat
2. boogie wipes
3. infant CPR card
4. rattle and wooden rainbow dna toy
5. 3 baby blankets
6. boggie wipe!
7. skip hop changing pad
8. one ladybug shoe
9. handmade cloth rattle chew toy
10. wooden car and rattle
11. tummy medicine
12. purple rabbit mittens
13. dragonfly chew and wooden rattle
14. elephant, raspberry and ring chews

1 comment:

Mrs. O said...

We love boogie wipes.

I want more info about gorillapod. Where did you hear about it?

My diaper bag was always more minimalistic than that. Yours is fun. Is it weird that I just tried about every way in the world to carry a big hobo bag instead of a diaper bag?