Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girlie Swap 2011

tea, coffee, champagne, wine, cupcakes, 30 girls and their clothes that don't fit or don't want anymore. that is what makes up a girlie swap. i love the yearly girlie swap with our group of girls. people bring shoes, makeup, purses, jeans, sweaters, jewelry, and anything else they do not want. we take it to someone's house, section everything off, then shop:) everything left over we donate to a charity. the goal of course is to leave with less than you came in with. it is so much fun! i got "new to me" sweaters, dresses, shoes, some blush, a couple shirts, and a workout jacket(stella mccartney for adidas). it is fun to see what other people pick out and who picks your stuff. try one out in your neck of the woods!

shoe pile

make up and body



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