Monday, December 20, 2010

18 Weeks at Queenie's

pop-tart is 18 weeks today.
she rolls over from her tummy to her back. she talks, and raspberries, and blows bubbles. she grabs her hands, chews on her hands, sucks her thumbs. she picks toys up and brings them to her mouth. she giggles, boy does she giggle:) she takes two naps a day. she drinks lots of milk from her mama. she is working on sitting up. she loves to watch tv, i don't endorse this, but if i am not careful, her head is craned half way around her body and she has found a television. she doesn't like her car seat anymore. she likes to be in the center of attention, not herself the center, but in the midst of everything.


my june-bug and beila-bot. yes, that is a blue mustache and goatee, with pink freckles.


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