Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie on Wednesday:)

INTERNET!! thank you for standing by my faithful followers. i did go to anthro on monday, but just now able to put these on for you. so now, let's go!

manners can be fun
we finally bought bee her manners book, popi is looking forward to the day she can read it.

matryoshka ornaments
anthro has wooden ones and now these cuddly felted ones.

buttermilk sky robe
oh my goodness dear people, this is like snuggling a marshmallow, which i'm all about.

petal illuminated bud vase
these vases are so pretty, they are more bud vase size than anything. love the color choices.

laced with grace dress
this is such a nice green color, reminds me of a flapper in a modern way.

sewing circle dress
i tried this on and love it! i love the full skirt with pockets, the embroidery on it, everything!

this is so simple and casual. you can do so much with it, jeans, leggings, socks, turtle neck, tank top...

it is so nice to be online again, have a good week!

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