Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Carrots Into Baby Food

did some finishing touches on winterizing the garden this weekend and realized i still has carrots to dig up. i planted a lot of carrots! with popi turning 4 months soon, i thought i'd make baby food for when she was ready to eat. yummy home grown, organic carrots.

so, i cleaned and trimmed them, sliced them and steamed them.

i don't have a fancy baby food maker, i don't need one, i have a food processor. if you have a food processor on hand, in my opinion, you don't need a fancy baby food maker. i put my steamed carrots in there, and pureed with the water i used when i steamed them, so i didn't lose a lot of nutrients because i put the water back into the puree.

then i used my nifty beaba brand, bpa free baby food freezer container. i have ice cube trays in the past, but these are nice and flexible, so you can poke them out when you need one.

loaded up with carrot puree, i put them in the freezer for my munchkin!

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