Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie

surprise! after breakfast with the brood, all 4 of us went to anthro for some looksies.

jacquard missive skirt
we saw this beautiful skirt. i love oranges right now. the pretty folds on this skirt are so flattering. i want.

paisley gust sweater jacket
gosh, i didn't notice i fell in love with orange things today. the texture of this is yummy, and the design is so modern yet classic, all in one...

peacock crest jewelry box
they have a pretty fox stole box too, but it didn't photograph as well. such a pretty place to put your pretty things.

imprinted palette egg caddy
i love deviled eggs! i love this plate. wouldn't dyed Easter eggs look wonderful on this plate?

de vincennes dinner plate, octopus
i would eat octopus salad on this plate till the cows came home. well, i'd eat cow on it too.

anthropologie has some wonderful sale items out right now. Christmas ornaments are on sale too, think about next year's tree....
have a good week everyone, and a merry Christmas to boot!

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