Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Hunni

sometimes i have to pinch myself, i am so lucky to have my Greek in my life. after my divorce, i did not believe in marriage or that there was someone out there for me. i was very cynical, to say the least. even after i met my Greek, i pushed my feelings away, i wanted to focus on my children and family only. but i am so glad i finally opened my heart to him. he has added so much to my life, he is the peanut butter middle to my chocolate exterior shell.
my top 10 reasons i love him so much...

10..he knows who karl lagerfeld is, and not just that, he dressed up like him for halloween once
9..he likes the same music as i, and he takes me to go see live music
8..he is willing to go do new things like go to a rodeo because i want to
7..he can fix almost anything, and that is sexy
6..i love listening to his stories
5..he is friends with my parents, he talks to my dad without me knowing it and makes sure my mom knows about modern architecture goings on in tulsa
4..he is brilliant, his mind is an awesome thing, i don't know how he does it
3..he loves me for some odd reason, he knows everything about me and still adores me
2..he changed my mind about a third child, popi is such a blessing
1..he loves, protects, and takes care of my children as his own

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Tricia said...

You have a beautiful family :)