Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meet Me

some of you know me, some of you don't. my name is sacha. i am from oklahoma. i love oklahoma. let's see....

i have three children. juni 7, bee 4, popi 4 months.
i have been married twice.
i am a leo.
i am 32.

my favorite colors are pink, yellow and brown.
my favorite drink is coffee, black.
my favorite food is gummi bears.
my favorite beer is shiner bock.

i have a degree in culinary arts from OSU.
i am working at a very slow pace on a degree in nutrition, very slowly.
i have not worked in a kitchen since 2002.
i have ran the family scooter shop since 2003.
i am a stay at home mom and wife since 2010.
i own a bajaj chetak.

i like to sew.
i like to knit.
i like to garden.
i own chickens.
i have a small dog.
i don't like small dogs.
i like big dogs.
i want a bouvier des flandres.

i have 2 best friends, one local, the other in the bay area.
i miss my bay area bestie lots.
we have been BFFs since elementary.
my favorite movie is harold and maude.
my favorite director is peter greenaway.
my favorite band is the pixies.
my favorite author is jean auel.

my friend carla has business called raspberry grunt. they let me wear their clothes, and the bedazzle my hair and makeup and make me feel pretty. that's where the pictures are from.

so, that is a little about me. just in case you were wondering.

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Kris10 said...

sacha, you are so dang beautiful, inside and out! i love you.