Friday, December 3, 2010

Home Made Felt Ornaments

there are some super cute felt ornaments from a catalog i saw at my mom's house. i have been doing a lot of felt work lately and decided it would be too easy to make them myself. i went to the local craft store to pick up some wool roving in white, because i did not have that color, and sheets of wool felt.

here is my green sheet of felt.

i then cut out the tree shape i wanted, a front and a back to the ornament, they were curled up.

then popi and i sat there and used cream embroidery thread to embellish the tree front.

i used green embroidery thread to blanket stitch the pieces together and stuffed it. i then sewed a thread circle to hang it by on top.

i made a green one and a red one. the red one has white dots i felted onto the tree with my white roving and my felting needles. they turned out so perfect! i wish my photo was better. o well. i'm giving them away at a Christmas party tomorrow! i think i need to make more:)

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Valerie said...

you KNOW i'm going to try and steal these!!!