Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Gift Guide, eos Lip Balm

i have fallen in love, from the introduction of my friend carla, with the eos lip balm smooth sphere. they are so smooth, and i love the way you pucker up and apply it to your lips. they have 5 flavors, and i have 2. i guess i need to buy 3 more then. i have honeysuckle and sweet mint. they smell divine, taste divine, and feel divine. these little balls of joy are 95% organic and 100% all natural, and it's vegan-not that i'm vegan. the other thing that makes these so attractive is the packaging. i will admit that if there is cute packaging, i'm a sucker. these will fit in stockings, the little egg shape is so cute, and fun to twiddle around in your hands, which i have done ever since carla dropped mine in my mailbox as a sweet surprise!

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