Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

last year i rung in the new year with my favorite girls, some pedicures and martinelli's sparkling apple juice. this has been a life changing, whirlwind of a year! here are my highlights...

january...we told everyone we were going to have a baby
february...the Greek and i got married garden ready to plant
april...found out we were having a baby girl trip to bay area for carrie's wedding and vacation
june...bee turned 4 years old
july...we put on a music festival, free tulsa
august...i gave birth to kalliope
september...juni turned 7 years old hunni turned 48 and the girls and i got a blue ribbon for our halloween costumes
november...a yummy thanksgiving and i started to exercise
december...a beautiful Christmas with friends and family

happy new year everyone!

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Mrs. O said...

The show was fun. I hope you do it again. Of course you'd expect me to say this, but Tulsa needs more music.