Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Gift Guide, Keel's Simple Diary

from my favorite book store, taschen, comes keel's simple diary. i gave away a bunch of these for Christmas last year, and kept one for myself. i love the way it is set as a fill-in-the-blank diary. good for procrastinators like me:) i don't know how the recipients have been keeping up with theirs from last year, but i myself have only filled out a couple pages even though it takes only seconds...i'll fill one out now....

your day was...reclusive
why: because i haven't left the house.
and time stood still: when i got a kiss!
"a sunrise has no stage fright."
girls are born...(circle all that apply)
with beautiful gifts and burdens.
to feel and to deal.
to love.

see, easy peasy. i also have the keel's all about us and all about me. basically the same fill in the blank concept. i love it!

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Valerie said...

i love the one you got me. now granted, being the procrastinator extraordinaire that i am, i too have only filled out a few pages. but i love it, and when i do get the itch, i know right where to open it up and fill it up. now you're making me want the "about me" one. then henry can crack up reading about his weirdo mama someday when i've moved on from this world...;)