Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monday Morning Anthropologie, Tuesday

don't think i forget you all, i was busy yesterday morning. my daddy had a total knee last week and yesterday my mom was busy, so i had to go and be his nurse. but i thought i would show you my favorite shoes, they don't have shoes at our anthro, which is probably for the better.
my daddy walking the day after surgery.

martingale boots
i love heeled things. right now i know the trend in boots is flat, but i'm a sucker for heels. i like the way these have a small bit of decoration and femininity, but it is not over the top. they are simple, dressy or casual, a perfect any day boot.

chiseled doily booties
i usually don't like victorian looking things, but these are cute. with a short skirt and socks these would be the icing on the feet. modern and victorian, without the manners.

quelle surprise boots
the surprise might be the price tag, but i don't care, i've paid more for shoes before, don't tell anyone that. i love clogs, i own many pairs, i love boots, i own many pairs of those as well, but a clog boot? with shearling? you had me at hello....

shimmering trellis heels
i'm a high heel girl as we all know, i love heels! and i'm here to tell you if you don't wear heels, and are thinking you can't wear them, you've tried the wrong style. these are great because they wrap around your ankle for support and have the t-strap down the front to hold your foot in. if it was a wedge, it would be perfect for a first timer. they are girly and delicate, pink and delightful!

ghillie rouge flats
just because i love heels, doesn't mean i can't love flats. especially these. hello red leather! hello buckles and rings! i love you.

y'all have a good week now!

images from www.anthropologie.com


Valerie said...

at least 3 or 4 girls at work have those martingale boots. they're quite the rage.

Joey Mechelle said...