Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Stocking How-To, by me

for our family i have made our own stockings out of two coordinating cotton fabrics, white pom poms, and a ribbon. this year i had to make a new stocking:) here is popi's...

first i cut out the shape i want out of the fabrics. i fold the fabric in half so i cut 2 pieces at once. i do this with both fabrics, so i have 2 stockings. i pin them both inside out to sew them one at a time, leaving the top open. yes, that is littlest pet shop under my ironing board. don't tell bee:)

my second piece. the floral is going to be the lining inside. you could actually reverse this stocking if you wanted to.

after sewing them and turning the outside stocking right side out, put the lining inside the stocking wrong side out, so when you open it, you see the pattern. did that make sense?


i then folded the top edges in and ironed the hem down so i could sew it.

i did both edges and inserted my pom poms and ribbon hanger in between hems and pinned it down.

then i used my zig-zag stich to sew it all together.

done! if you look closely you can see the folded down edge and see the inside. sorry you can't see the ribbon loop for hanging, but you get the picture, right?
Merry CHristmas!!

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