Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Gift Guide, Apple TV

yes, yes, i am a pc, don't hate, but i am in love with my apple tv. it would be a wonderful present for anyone! being just under one hundred dollars, it is a wonderful buy. if you buy it for someone in your house, it is a present for you too:) it is hooked up to the internet and allows you to watch youtube, look at flickr photos, stream netflix, rent movies and television shows all on your home tv. it comes with a small remote, which between you and me, i can't believe i haven't lost it yet, but you can also download a remote onto your iphone, if you have one. the kids love it because of the youtube and flickr most of all. before they would stare at a small computer screen to watch home video on youtube, but now, it's LARGE! well, we love it, and i think if you give it a try, you will too.

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